This post is three odd years late. I started writing it back in February 2016. I do not recall why I stopped. I was probably hungry… Now my train of thought is lost… Oh well… Now we are here…

Hey listen, I like to eat… Which I should stop though because my kilos are sky rocketing to almost “kijana fupi round…” proportions…

If you have been to my IG page, you know it is full of food photos… I do not know how I started this obsession of posting food photos but I suspect ni ushamba, because back in the day growing up, there was nothing fancy about the food we ate, especially our home being from a Kikuyu family, yeah…

There were only a hand full of different things you would eat; actually, if I think about it, maybe they were all the same thing in different arrangements or forms, for example:

Rice Waru (potatoes) either mixed or boiled separately which unbelievably counted as different food. Do not argue with a Kikuyu please.

This is Rice Waru (Mixed), if you separate the two, actually put them in two different plates then you have another dish altogether. (Taken Mar 4 2013, Nakuru, Mom’s House)

Of course the Kenyan staple, Ugali, Sukumawiki but with a Kikuyu twist, throw in some cabbages in the Sukimawiki and if mother feels good, a quarter kilo of beef meat into that mix. Again, do not argue with a Kikuyu please.

Ugali, cabbages and beef (Nov 6 2016, Nakuru, Mom’s House)

Sundays were special, Chapo Sundays, maaaaaaan! This was like Christmas just because mother cooked Chapos and if you were an obedient child that week, you get to have the last cooked tiny hot chapo, it was to die for…Literally, my sister and I fought endlessly to have that last one. To take down the Chapos, the Kikuyu classic mix, minji (peas), cabbages, Warus(potatoes) and lots of soup, like really a lot of soup. Do not argue with a Kikuyu please.

Chapo, minji, cabbages and soup. Took this photo in Eldoret Jan 30 2017. Cravings for Kikuyu food… LOL!

Do not feel sorry for me, I still love warus (potatoes) to date. Life was good, I did not know anything about fancy food, as long as the tummy was warm and full, my sister and I were good to go.

You know, they say ignorance is bliss, I agree, now that I know how much more there is to eat out here ati sijui sea food nini nini, I look at my mom funny remembering those primary school days when we used have a loaf of bread and tea for lunch. Not the good bread sijui Superloaf, No! Tosti bread, that god damn tasteless garbage block bread. Tosti should be sued for making those things. Those who grew up in the Rift Valley know what am talking about. The dark days.

So you see my friends, I have every right to take all those food pics after what I have been through; I had never seen such beauty in food.

I think this experience is what makes me fascinated by food, nowadays whenever I go to a nice restaurant, I always take a pic of the food I take, just so that I keep a memory of how nice it was lest I go back to the dark Tosti days.

Times have changed though; I have become a sort of a food critic. I know where to go eat what. Regrettably am so bad at remembering food names but luckily I take photos, because some of these restaurants be wilding when it comes to naming their food. You will go to a fancy restaurant, find Githeri slapped with a French name that would have you salivating until it is brought to your table.

Fast forward now, married with kids. Whoever said there is no justice in this world, I found some. I do not know how this happened but wifey is quite a cook; she has embraced (by force, by fire) my now polished taste in food. We now have a family menu, a beautiful meal every single day.

My favorite, Bhajia and chicken wigs Fridays and ribs, ugali, greens and mala Sundays. OH the flip side of the dark Tosti days.

Taken Feb 16 2019, Nairobi, home.

Am thankful. We appericeiate you babe!

So yeah, am a #Foodie, call me, lets break bread (Not Tosti though).


Typical Kenyan, #TeamArsenali, #ITGuy

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