I am hurt – 2018–19 NBA Season

I am hurt, the way the 2018–19 NBA Season ended was hard to take.

I know most of you are like, “WTF! There are more pressing issues to deal with than this you sissy!”

However, please allow me; let me take y’all back a little bit to how I got here.

The year is 2015, June. I did not have a care in the world about the NBA. Those who know me know am a sports fan; and basketball is a popular sport and any sports fan worth their salt would at least follow the NBA. Nevertheless, believe it or, I did not follow the NBA back then; partly because there was a lot going on in my life at that time. First off, “we were pregnant”. Jnr was about to be born, that is where all my focus was; maybe that is the equivalent of baby fever to a man.

Unbeknown to me at the time, in the NBA some guy called Stephen Curry was having an MVP season playing lights outs! This had just passed me by, didn’t know anything about Steph, I was the most casual NBA fan, only knew LeBron… Actually, that is not even being a fan… Whatever it was…

So me with a lot going on in my life during the 2014-15 NBA playoffs, I go to YouTube and stumble upon this video about a baby, Riley Curry, who like the father was “taking over” the media in the post-game press conferences in the company of her father, Steph Curry… It was so cool and funny. Seated there watching, I wished Jnr and I would be so cool once he got here…

Now that I think about it, that video was YouTube’s recommendation because I was watching a lot about being a father at the time.

As most of us always do, we try to dig a bit more about interesting people we stumble upon online, thus I Googled who The Curry’s were and why they garnered so much attention.

Coincidentally, Steph and his Golden State Warriors (GSW) team where on their way to their first NBA championship of their dynastic run. They beat LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games that year. That was a David vs Goliath kind of win. This tickled my fancy.

Who is this Steph Curry?

I went back to YouTube and watched this guy… My goodness! Steph was (is) poetry in motion, the finesse, the skills, the swagger, the shooting, the joy he plays with… Infectious… This guy was (is) a pure joy to watch…

That my friends is how I “discovered” Steph Curry and The Golden State Warriors team.

Steph has gone on to be what many players and analysts have called the greatest shooter in NBA history. He is credited with revolutionizing the game of basketball by inspiring teams to regularly employ the three-point shot as part of their winning strategy.

Just like that, my love for the NBA came right back! Now I was a Golden State Warriors fan. It has been a lot of joy and fun being a Warriors fan, the team is sensational… Won’t go into that for now but believe me, you have to watch them play and get to know each and every player and how this team was constructed from scratch and how each and every individual player has an intriguing back story… It is a fairytale.

Since that 2014-15 season, the Warriors have been to the NBA finals every year and won 4 championships. They lost one to LeBron in 2016, man that was painful but LeBron’s greatness was too much and you have to give it up to him.

But this year 2019, they lost again… A bad loss, unfair even…

These NBA games for us here in Kenya come on at weird early morning hours… This really tests your claim of being a fan… I try at times but I usually don’t get out of bed, I just watch on my phone in bed… Am always loud and obnoxious, wifey hates it.

She has naturally (by force, by fire) become an NBA fan as well, I don’t think she wanted to or wants to but that’s all I watch when am home, so herself and Jnr have to suffer my obsession. Don’t think Jnr minds it though, he’s a good chap eager to learn, I at times find him talking to himself like any normal 3 year old throwing his football up telling himself, “put it in the hoop Junior”… Then yell “Yeeeeeey! Good job!”… He yells the same thing whenever someone scores when we’re watching NBA highlights…

Anyway, I digress, what I meant to say was, because when I watch these NBA games early in the morning am so loud that I wake up the wife… This time I was quiet, so quiet that when she woke up she looked at me and said, “Team yako imechapwa?”…. I was sad, she was so rude, and all I needed was a hug.

So yeah, my team lost, because of injuries to two key players, my favorite player Steph left to fight the white walkers from the north all alone and unfortunately, this time there was no Arya to save the day and kill the night king, she was probably injured as well.

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors for winning their 1st Chip.

We’ll be back!


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