A story

This is a story about a little young man named Andre. Andre was born 7:30 am, 19-Aug-2015.
The first time I met Andre was 53 minutes after he was born. He was fresh into this world, he looked pale and alien-like. Since, I’ve come to know this is the generic look of every new born.

I don’t think Andre had met many people, but that didn’t seem to bother him, he was interested in feeding more than anything else (still is). And you could see why. He was born weighing a whopping 3.8kg. His mom attributes this to having had lots of ugali, mboga za kienyeji and maziwa mala during pregnancy. That’s the only food she’d eat; this is true, no kidding. Whether that’s the reason Andre was born “big”, I don’t know but I added a few Kilos myself 😉

You see, I’ve met people, many people from all walks of life and people of different kind, but never have I ever been moved by anyone like the first time I met little Andre.
The instance I laid my eyes on him, I cried, tears of joy. Cutest thing I’d ever seen, it sounds cliche but it’s true. “This is my son!”, I said to myself with tears rolling down my cheeks. I paused and just stared at him, time stood still, every little thing he did moved me, from the small kicks, fists, his face, the baby sounds, everything moved me… Tears of joy I tell you, tears of joy…

He then started to cry, so I snapped out of it for a bit and I called out to him, “Junior! Hey junior!” He stopped for a bit, I called out to him again, you could see that he actually recognized my voice. He recognized my voice yoh!! See… When he was still in his mother’s womb, we had been advised to caress him and talk to him. We were told this would help him get to know us even before he was born. It worked! This melted my heart, I started to cry, a manly cry… The ladies at the nursery were move too, “Your first time?” one of them asked. “Yes” I said as I whipped my tears. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

Just 24 hours before, Wifey and I were finally heading to the hospital, she had not gone into labor yet. She had to be induced. She was admitted to The Mater Hospital and they initiated the process. I say process because it really is, for people like me who thought it worked like clockwork, I was in for a rude shock. It took longer than I had expected, actually it took forever. It was like watching paint dry. I don’t like to wait, that has already been established in my previous blog post.

In contrast, wifey was calm, the calm before the storm. I was pacing up and down the corridors. I was nervous, anxious and all sort of things. I swear everything was in slow-mo.

Fast forward 6 hours later, wifey started experiencing minutiae contractions. The Doc came to check on her and I had to ask him how long the induction would take. “Well, labor hasn’t started yet but when it does, it takes about 8 hours”, he said.

Another 6 hours later, still nothing. So at around 10pm I decided to head home get some sleep then come back early the next morning. I remember calling wifey before I closed my eyes to sleep, she sounded alright, she only mentioned the contractions were coming more frequently, didn’t think much of it then.

*The storm*
Morning came, I hurriedly took a shower and dressed. I got to the hospital a few minutes to 8am, went to room 61, it was empty. There was a little bit of blood stain on the bed. Immediately I went into a frenzy, I ran to the Doctor’s office, it was empty, Sister in charge’s office, empty!

*naija movie soundtrack*
I was confused, I remembered all those conspiracy movies where a patient goes missing. I dramatically started running along the corridors asking whoever I saw if they had seen wifey. Luckily I found a guard who directed me to an office where I found a nurse. She had just started her shift, so she offered little help but she knew someone who would know.
I went to him and he told me the news, the good news, my heart was pounding, probably doing revs of an F1 car. All I could hear was, “She’s alright, we’re about to bring her back to her room”. “Have you seen the baby?” he asked. “NO, IS HE OK?!”, I worriedly asked. “Calm down, he is fine”, he said.
He then directed me to the nursery.

IMG_20150818_124327IMG_20150819_101358   IMG_20150819_081911IMG_20150819_081542

And there he was. Andre Waiganjo Junior.

Our Son.
Welcome to the world son. GOD bless you and may he be your guide and grant you a long fruitful life.


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